Why Choose Us

Fast Payment

If you have overseas transactions in different countries, we can make them happen almost immediately. When you use Angra Limited, you get the clout and security of an interconnected, global trading platform, with the speed of an agile start-up. We offer fast, reliable and secure payments to all our clients and their respective beneficiaries.

Secure Transactions

Our systems are fully secured with the use of cryptographic protocols that provide communications security. (SSL Certificates) Angra Limited is authorized by FCA and registered with HMRC under the Money Laundering Regulation. Our Privacy Policy explains how we protect your data and that of your beneficiaries.

Customer Service

We’re a dynamic new voice in the forex trading industry. Our global, agile network and international trading platform mean you’ll get the best rates and the quickest turnarounds on the market. Our clients get personal attention from financial experts, who’ll help you make savings. Our user-friendly platform makes overseas payments fast, easy and affordable.

If you are looking to exchange currencies, or make international payments at bank-beating exchange rates, you have come to the right place.

Angrafx guarantees the best exchange rates. Find out how you can save by becoming our client and opening an account with us.

Our Team

With decades of combined experience in the FX industry, our team members were all handpicked to provide the best experience you will ever have. We believe that companies and business are all made of people and their connections, so we have trained and qualified people to provide you with real solutions for real issues, rather than the usual pushy salesperson just looking for another slice of your cake. Start a conversation with us with no commitment and you might be surprised on the outcome.